Chakra Bot – Brushing Up on GIFs

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Teaching at the Governor’s Institute on the Arts again this year, figured I should brush up on making GIFs in Photoshop. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, and it’s one of my favorite simple online mediums.

To create this animation, I had to think ahead about what I wanted to have happen.  My 2015 class at GIA is entitled Digital 2Delight Laboratory, and in it we will be observing what inspires us, how we use that inspiration to create something new. I’ll use this GIF as an example of that; I googled “sitting meditation” and found this amazing robot image, then decided to breathe life into her, bridging life to the cosmos and artifice.  I’m riffing off of someone else’s idea, expanding on a shared muse. I’d credit the artist, but this is referenced only as a “stock” photo.

ChakraBot - 56 frames of fun

ChakraBot – 56 frames of fun

Street Yoga Poster Design – Final Draft and Process

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Street Yoga Poster Design - Final Draft

I’ve been doing some volunteer graphic design for Street Yoga, a non-profit group that provides simple meditation and yogic stress-coping techniques to at-risk youth groups. This is the final draft of a poster I designed for their upcoming fundraiser, which is a circus-themed event.

3rd draft of the Street Yoga Circus poster, finalizing the layout before arranging text.

3rd draft of the Street Yoga Circus poster, finalizing the layout before arranging text.


2nd draft, playing around with Sun Salutation flames, which didn’t work here…but…might whip this idea out in the future.


1st draft, trying to find images of kids doing yoga that I could alter. Yes, I rip images from the web and make them my own. I prefer to take my own photos, but sometimes, you don’t have that kind of time.


4 Elements Samba Parade

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A smattering of moments from the 2013 GIA Samba Parade. This years theme, “The 4 Elements”. Visit for more information about this parade, and the awesome people behind it.


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Feeling Good, Feeling Great

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Feeling Good, Feeling Great

Finally back to Square One.


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Watched “Game Change”, the HBO drama about the Sarah Palin Vice Presidential campaign. I recommend it.


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Heart, dedicated to Chuck Meese

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Mustard, Kimchi and Crackers

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…Maybe with a little miso paste.

Thinking a lot today about how we cause most of our own suffering with our thoughts. 

Stretch Your Feet

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Meat Man

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Look at what I found!