Pariah Beat

Pariah Beat has been one of the most influential and inspiring collaborations of my life. If you want to know more about this group, I highly recommend checking out the band’s official website.

The following are songs that I wrote, recorded and performed with Pariah Beat.

Bury Me Not – 2010

Copper Mines
Ms. Ella Strickland
Family Pet

Pariah Beat Radio – 2008

Stone Wall
City Far Away

So Low

Every once in awhile, I get an opportunity to record my music with people far more skilled at audio engineering than I.

Solitare and Darts
Astro Bowl


This is a spot where I can put things that will never otherwise see the light of day. These are the less embarrassing of the tracks I’ve made futzing around by myself on Garageband. A huge part of the creative process for me is experimental, creating pieces and mashing them together. Rarely does an entire song come out all at once.

Nice Out There
PO Box 1140
Last One Left

Experimental Collaborations

Everything’s On! – A CoachTV Collaboration with Raishad Glover
MagdA1OF3 SNIPPET – A CoachTV Collaboration with Raishad Glover
Rappin’ In The Red Car  – A CoachTV Collaboration with Raishad Glover

A bit of background

I come from a very musical family. My mother, Diana Eastridge, spent the majority of her career as a signer, fronting a number of full-time bands and backing up such acts as Bonnie Rait, Bob Segar, and Little Feat. My father, Ed Eastridge, is an accomplished recording engineer who has worked with Sheryl Crowe, Emmylou Harris, Wynton Marsalis, Diana Krall, Richard Thompson, and Linda Ronstadt, to name a new. My folks launched and ran Big Mo Records (still selling records) and Big Mo Mobile Recording Studios in Maryland (still in operation). For more information, see the links section of my blog.

My inclinations towards music were not automatic. My parents tried to get me hooked on any instrument that I would tolerate practicing, even a little. Bass is really the only instrument that stuck. I love the low end, and the fact that I only had to deal with four string was rather appealing when I was in 7th grade. However, playing bass alone wasn’t a very attractive pastime to me, so it wasn’t until i started playing with other people in high school that I got very active on the instrument. I played in Stage Band at Thetford Academy for a number of year, and had weekly rehearsals with Evan Eppler and Derrick Lorrigan as Penny Dreadful. Later, I joined Tuck Stocking, Justin Bendal and Zach Eaton to form Foot Long Fiasco, a punk cover band. Later on, while attending the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, I had a glimmer of a rock band called Cunt Dracula with Rachel Baudoin.

Amidst all of these bands, I only played a handful of gigs. My bass chops had certainly improved, but I didn’t consider myself a musician by any stretch. I was also terrified of singing, which I reserved only for enthusiastic private episodes in my car along the backwoods of Vermont.

A few years went by, and I got turned down for a video job I  had been interning at for a little over a year. Dejected and aimless, I took up the offer of my roomates, Nick Cheryk and Justin Bendel, to join their new band, Pariah Beat.

Pariah Beat consumed the next four years of my life. It was awesome. 

Now, I do consider myself a musician. I play electric, acoustic and upright bass, am not a terribly guitarist, and loooove signing. I’m totally over my fear. I belt it out.

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