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Do you know what this is?

Do I know what this is?
of course I do.

Hanging Out With Myself

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Moved to action by Shiva Rae’s TED Talk and an exceptional fortune cookie omen. 

I Made A Mask

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Happy New Year

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Am, C, G

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Am, C, G (repeat forever, pretty much)

hides away sometimes
shies away, finds a way inside
I take my time
lie in wait and find a way to make you

show me how you look when you’re lonely
I might be the only thing that makes you smile
Slowly count out all that you owe me
Tell it like you last told me, that time I caught you cryin’

Hide away sometimes
Lie awake and pine and cry all day, all night
I’ll take my time
Sigh all day and find a way to make you

capture every moment of rapture
everything we’ve been after goes flying by
like laugher floating up to the rafters
dissipating much fast than water on the eye

Hide away sometimes
Stop and stay, it’s mine,
it’s yours today, tonight
let’s take our time
sigh all day and find a way to make you mine.

This is the next step

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Someone asked the other day, if I was a kinesthesiologist.

“No,” I shook.  “No I am not”.

Then I laughed, and clapped
yes, yes I am“.

Rocket Show

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I wanna go to the rocket show,

yeah I do! I wanna see, I wanna know foreeeeel…I wanna go.

I got a flat again. I got a headache and, I guess none of my friends are goin’
and it’s a long hot walk out to the boulevard. I hear the lines just loopin’ round the block.

Come on out and meet me, we’ll grab ourselves a free weekly. See what’s goin on in the city, yeah.
I just overheard, there’s this show and all the early-bird are gettin’ in reeeal cheap



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Snippet that came out today.
Finally getting the hold of the pick for strumming.

Watched the Daily Show—featured the 2011 Republic Presidential Debate, during which Rick Perry blanked on the 3rd of his 3 points. “Oops,” he squeeked.

Viviann 2

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While trying to find the original photo of the woman in yesterday’s post, I googled “Vivianne escort”. This is a digital collage of all the images I found instead of the one I was looking for.

Getting Reacquainted with My Big, Blue Bass

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…and trying out the H1 Zoom.

She’s On It