Solitaire & Darts

Just finished mixing this with Joe Stewart on a humid, rainy afternoon. This is one of three recordings I did with Joe at Hummel Vision in Jamaica Plain, Boston. George Thorohood did a fair bit of hit recording at Hummel Vision, and as I lost my virginity to “Bad To The Bone”, I felt it was the right place to continue my musical pursuits.

Solitare and Darts

It’s not perfect, but then again, few things I do ever are.

This is the least embarrassing of the three recordings, which is not to say that I feel any of them are necessarily bad. Like many creative people, I have a tendency to loathe my art shortly after it’s documented. My ego cringes at itself. I think it’s an exercise in humility, to deal with parts of your expression that make you feel silly, and then publicize them. Especially the expressions you practice in your shower, car, and other private places on a regular basis…

 I photographed this gentleman on the left at a wedding a few years back. I didn’t mean to capture his surprised state, but by chance I did, and it’s become a favorite candid. He’d probably be embarrassed to know I’ve posted this here, but chances are, he’ll never know of it, just as most of us go unaware of the awkward impressions we might make day-to-day. Even if he did know, what harm would it do? He could either fret over looking ridiculous, or shrug and let his natural silly surprise exist. Most imperfect moments are out of our hands. By putting a modest stamp of approval on imperfection, errors that exists without surgery or digital manipulation, I started to develop my confidence. Now, I am quite brave about art, and still more or less imperfect, depending on who you ask…

~ by emilyeastridge on June 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Solitaire & Darts”

  1. Damn. Good thing I got nostalgic for Vermont and decided to google you. Your voice is fucking incredible.

    • Whoa, a comment! From LUKE WOODS! I totally forget that anyone can stumble upon this. I forget that people can leave comments.

      I clicked your name and was brought to a website featuring music by Clydesdale Erotic. Fingers are crossed that it’s you.

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