My GIA 2011 Faculty Bio

One day (in the not too distant past), Emily Eastridge arose from her bed on the floor, stretched, and took a look out the window.

“What’s this?” she silently mused, rubbing her eyes, “…Seattle?”

Sure enough, the metropolis of the great North West spread out before her in a bucking ripple of skyscrapers, coffee shops, trendy joggers, grit, bikes, and pine.  But, where was New England? It had been there, just a second ago! Perplexed and edging on panic, Emily closed her eyes and thought of nothing in particular. After that, she started planning the next chapter of her life.

“I will begin,” she decreed, “by joining a gym. A cheap one, and with heavy weights! Then, I will write a song…about…ummm….what’s going on outside today. I will share it this evening, at an open mic! Surely, this will lend me an opportunity to,” she sipped in cool consideration, “meet people. Having made acquaintances, I will write a reflection on my abilities to cope with change, from which I will draw words to string into a poem, which I will log into a journal…for future reflections.”

Emily set her drink aside and dug about in her suitcase for her prized spandex catsuit. Armed with absurdity, creativity, and a kick ass set of acquired skills, she picked up her tiny guitar and descended upon Pioneer Square…

~ by emilyeastridge on April 25, 2011.

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